Monday, July 25, 2011

Street View

Street View is an original and revolutionary invention created by Google that truly changed the way we explore the world through online mapping softwares, I wish someone had invented something like this when I was younger, it would have saved me a lot of money because instead of traveling all around the world to look at certain things that I needed to see I would have used a tool like Google Street View instead. That's right street view is a fully functional and useful tool that allows us to travel without leaving home, thinking about it it's actually very futuristic.

If you don't know what street view is let me break it down for you real quick. Street View is a feature developed by Google TM, Google added this feature to its mapping solutions Google Maps and Google Earth a while ago. Street view provides 360 degree street level images taken from special vehicles, the vehicles used include cars, snowmobiles, and trikes. With this feature you can move in any direction and that makes it a great complement for driving directions because you can combine both features for better navigation, you can use this feature to preview your route before you start driving.

It was obvious that other mapping services were going to try to come up and come out with something similar to Google's street view feature, and so they did.. It wasn't long before Mapquest released its own version of Street View which is called 360 view, 360 view is actually quite cool, it offers great images, and it's also very smooth. Even though 360 is good I consider Google Street View better, at Google Maps this feature is way more advanced and a lot more functional, it has a lot more coverage and you can even explore places on the inside, for example you can now visit the most popular museums to take a look at the most important paintings and sculptures ever made, you can explore stadiums, and much more. Google is always making street view better and new places are being included all the time, for example last week was Monaco's turn.

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