Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The 2012 Mercedes C180 Is Unreal!

I know I haven't been posting that much lately, but if you have been following this blog for a while you probably already knew that I recently purchased a new 2012 Mercedes Benz C180. The reason why I haven't been posting that much, is because I've been too busy driving my new car, the new C180 is simply amazing! I don't know if you have ever driven a Mercedes, but the feeling is quite unique, being able to drive a car like this one every single day is like a dream come true.

The C 180 is the cheapest car in the C series, however it is probably the best one for its price, it has all the luxury and power of any other C class model, it has a 1.8 engine, it's turbo charged, and it is just as beautiful as any other Mercedes Benz, the only difference is that this one is a little bit cheaper.

Now I'm using Google Mapquest driving directions a lot more, because now I'm spending more time behind the wheel. I think that I haven't posted in more than one month, my car arrived almost two months ago, and it has already traveled more than 1500 miles. The c180 is fast! It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 8 seconds or something like that, I have to be honest about something, I've been very naughty, I've misbehaved, I've been driving fast, real fast, but always within speed limits of course, because I don't like to brake laws.

If you love cars, and you ever have the opportunity to buy a car like the Mercedes C180, or even a better one, do it, the feeling is unreal, your life will be complete, believe me you will be a happy person. Cars like this one is exactly the type of cars that every driving fan should have, so if you ever buy one don't forget to use Google Maps, Mapquest, or Waze. Waze is pretty cool, because Waze is like an online community of drivers where people share information in real time, so you will know exactly where there's traffic, road blocks, you will even know where the police is located.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alternatives to Google Mapquest Driving Directions

Recently someone asked me if there were any other good, reliable alternatives to Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, and Mapquest to get driving directions. The question actually caught my attention really quick, I thought it was a really interesting question and it made me realize that sometimes I make the mistake of only focusing on the Google Maps and Mapquest driving directions subject, I have also noticed that some web masters and bloggers that write about this topic make the same mistake that I have been making for years. So from now on and to show everyone that it's never too late to make things right, me and the rest of the editorial team of this blog will focus on doing research about the other great free mapping softwares on the web in order to help our readers find other alternatives, other tools, and other cool features that Google Maps and Mapquest may or may not have, who knows? And really, who cares? The important thing is that everyone is aware of what they can get and expect from the other popular online mapping services and driving directions providers.

Are There Any Good Alternatives to Google Yahoo Bing and Mapquest?

Yes, there are other good alternatives that also offer interactive maps and driving directions, one of my favorite alternatives is the AAA, this service will not only help you find a quicker route, it also offers updated traffic info, construction work that's causing delays and weather information that might or might not turn out to be a problem. Another great alternative to Google Mapquest and Yahoo Maps for the USA is the old time veteran Rand McNally which is considered by many the Grandaddy of all the online mapping softwares that are now available on the market, Rand offers point to point directions, and even truck driving directions that can help truck drivers get their job done in a more efficient way, McNally provides the best truck driving routes, thanks to them truck drivers get to save a lot of money and also a lot of time.

If you are in Europe and you need an alternative to G Maps and Mapquest there, then you should definitely take a look at Via Michelin and Mappy, these sites just like the othe good online mapping softwares have features and tools very similar to the ones provided by Google Maps,
Map quest, and Rand McNally the only difference is that these sites focus on Europe and the European share of internet users. All of these sites are very user friendly and smooth, they all have cool features and a great looking interface, and using them won't cost you a dime.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Google Maps and Mapquest Side to Side

I know that there's a lot of people out there that love online mapping softwares, we all know that the leading web mapping brands are Google Maps and Mapquest, I also know for fact that a lot of people want to know which maps are better and they also want to know which service provides the best driving instructions. One of these days I'll compare these two sites, comparisons are usually made to pick a winner and I'm not yet in a position to say that one is better than the other, they both have done a wonderful job in the past and in the present, and I still use them all the time, in fact I have Google maps for Android and Mapquest for Android both installed on my Android powered Smartphone. So for now I will let you be the judge, below you will find Google Maps and the Mapquest Map side to side, use them a lot, explore all their features, tools, types of views, layers, etc. Then decide which one you like more, after you have made your final decision tell us what you think by leaving a comment, also don't forget to share and tweet. If you want to compare directions then you have to visit the official Mapquest.com website to get directions, but you don't have to go all the way to Google Maps because here you can get directions and routes using the official driving directions gadget that's at the bottom of this page.

Google Maps

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Google Driving Directions

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Driving Directions

Getting driving directions is quite easy nowadays, all you need is an advanced state of the art technological device that allows you to access the Internet and browse it, after you have gathered the necessary equipment you are good to go and ready to hit the road. I imagine you already have everything you need because in order to be able to read this you must have a computer or a mobile device and access to the Internet, if you have a desktop computer that's good because you can print directions or you can send them to your phone, if you have a mobile phone or any other type of portable gadget then that's even better because you can get Google Mapquest driving directions on the go for free.

There are two ways to get driving directions from Google Maps or Mapquest through a mobile device, the first option is to type the URL of one of these sites on your mobile's web browser you can go to maps.google.com or Mapquest.com or you can find them using your favorite search engine all you have to do is type "Mapquest" or "Google Maps" on the search box. The second option is to download an app, both services offer great free apps that offer unique features and tools, some of these features include voice guided turn by turn driving directions and offline reliability, offline rerouting and data is something that only Google Maps offers, on the other hand Mapquest has the only app that offers Skyhook Technology.

Learn How to Get Driving Directions From Google, Mapquest and many more through our easy step by step tutorials which are also free by the way, after reading what's written on this blog you will never have problems again when you are trying to find an address or a location where you have never been to before, you will never get lost again, you will be able to save a lot of time and also a lot of money. Stop wasting money on expensive GPS stuff instead get a mobile phone if you don't have one and download the free mobile apps that these services offer.

There are other sites that offer good driving directions and interesting mobile solutions like Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Tomtom, Via Michelin, Rand McNally, etc. All the online mapping sites I've just mentioned are great and have very interesting features as well, for example the famous IQ routes offered by Tomtom have made a lot of drivers happy. If I were you I'd visit all the sites that offer driving directions and I would create routes with all of them to see which one is the best for you. I did this exercise already, Google Maps and Mapquest gave me the best results, so I choose Google Mapquest driving directions as my first option.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Street View

Street View is an original and revolutionary invention created by Google that truly changed the way we explore the world through online mapping softwares, I wish someone had invented something like this when I was younger, it would have saved me a lot of money because instead of traveling all around the world to look at certain things that I needed to see I would have used a tool like Google Street View instead. That's right street view is a fully functional and useful tool that allows us to travel without leaving home, thinking about it it's actually very futuristic.

If you don't know what street view is let me break it down for you real quick. Street View is a feature developed by Google TM, Google added this feature to its mapping solutions Google Maps and Google Earth a while ago. Street view provides 360 degree street level images taken from special vehicles, the vehicles used include cars, snowmobiles, and trikes. With this feature you can move in any direction and that makes it a great complement for driving directions because you can combine both features for better navigation, you can use this feature to preview your route before you start driving.

It was obvious that other mapping services were going to try to come up and come out with something similar to Google's street view feature, and so they did.. It wasn't long before Mapquest released its own version of Street View which is called 360 view, 360 view is actually quite cool, it offers great images, and it's also very smooth. Even though 360 is good I consider Google Street View better, at Google Maps this feature is way more advanced and a lot more functional, it has a lot more coverage and you can even explore places on the inside, for example you can now visit the most popular museums to take a look at the most important paintings and sculptures ever made, you can explore stadiums, and much more. Google is always making street view better and new places are being included all the time, for example last week was Monaco's turn.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Just Waiting for My New C 180

I'm so happy! Finally I bought the car that I always wanted to have, I'm now the proud owner of a brand new turbo charged 2012 Mercedes C 180, it's supposed to be delivered tomorrow and the first thing that I'm going to do is go to Google Mapquest to build the longest and the most relaxing route ever, of course that route must have highways included because to be honest I want to see how fast the car really is, even though I didn't buy the car because it's fast I do want to know how it feels. The reason why I bought the c 180 is because it is a stylish elegant car that offers comfort like no other, it's true Mercedes Benz interiors are very hard to beat, if you have never seen one on the inside do yourself a favor and visit the nearest car dealership to see how they are.

I'm thrilled about my new car, now using Google Maps and Mapquest will be ten times more fun, as you know online mapping services that offer high quality route planners make driving safe and also more efficient, so I think that now I will be using Google and Mapquest driving directions a lot more. I'll be back soon to tell how my driving experience felt with the new C 180.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Easy Driving Directions

A lot of people have a hard time when they are looking for easy driving directions, I really don't know why because getting driving directions has always been easy. I believe that most people that use the Internet and drive cars know about services like Google Maps and Mapquest, even though most people know about these services it doesn't mean that they use them, most people have heard about G Maps but they never take the time to actually visit the site to get a customizable route that will help them get to where they want to go in less time and without getting lost.

If drivers don't start using these services is not only their loss, it's also our loss, using online mapping softwares improves the driving experience for everyone not just for the people that use them, why? It's actually quite simple when you go to Mapquest or Google for easy driving directions you will get an easy route that has less traffic, the route planners that these services offer analyze traffic data and they try to provide routes without traffic, by doing this you are no longer part of the problem in fact you are making a contribution because you are creating more space and allowing better flow on routes that are always filled with cars, that's why getting Google or Mapquest driving directions makes driving better for everyone.

Getting driving directions has always been easy for me and it can be easy for you as well, if you are reading this and you are looking for this type of information it's probably because you have a car, so that means that you already have everything you need, a computer, Internet access, and a car, now all you need to do is visit maps.google.com or Mapquest.com and voila! easy driving directions, no traffic, spend less time behind the wheel, and much more. Don't be lazy remember that by doing this you are not only helping yourself you will be helping others as well. If you simply don't have time to plan your routes at home then use Google Maps or Maoquest for mobile, you can access both services through your mobile's web browser or you can download their apps to have easier and faster access plus a lot more features and tools.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Google Maps and MapQuest Driving Directions

A lot of people hate driving I don't know why but it's true, it's probably because a lot of people lack that driving intuition that seasoned drivers like me posess. I'm the type of guy that never gets lost, for me it has always been easy finding alternate routes when I'm trapped in traffic jams, I've never had problems when trying to find new addresses or locations, it's like I was born with an internal GPS. Even though I have this natural driving ability since birth things have gotten a lot easier for me when I'm behind the wheel ever since I started using online mapping services like Google Maps and MapQuest. You have to understand one thing, people who have that natural driving skill are constantly under stress, they are very aware of their surroundings so you can't really consider them relaxed drivers, all they want is to get to their destination fast even if that means breaking some rules.

Google Maps and MapQuest are probably the best driving directions providers on the web, both of these sites offer high quality maps and advanced route planning softwares, all you have to do is enter your locations (from/to) hit enter and an easy to follow route will be immediately displayed on the map. The cool thing about these services is that they both offer turn by turn driving directions, that means that every time you create a route step by step written directions will also be displayed on the left column of your screen indicating which roads to take and where to make turns. Appart from that both sites offer a lot of different driving features and tools through their route planning options, you can avoid traffic (Google Maps now re-routes you automatically if there's a lot of traffic on your route), avoid tolls, highways, closed roads, timed restrictions, you can also choose the shortest distance or the shortest driving time. Both services offer multi stop route builders so you can add more than one stop to your route, I think Mapquest.com is currently allowing users to add up to 26 stops on one single route, and if you want you can reverse your route to get back to where your started your journey, these are probably the most perfect features for road trip fans.

There are many more features and many more tools that we haven't talked about yet, also a lot of people like to compare both of these services to figure out which one is the best, don't worry that's why we are here for to talk a lot about Google Maps and Mapquest so as time goes by and as the content on this blog keeps growing you will be able to find all the information you need to determine which one fits you best, I personally love them both, I use them both, and even though G-Maps is probably the better service right now Map Quest still has some tricks under their sleeve to impress more than one person, a good example is the addition of Skyhook technology for their mobile apps.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Google Mapquest Blog

Welcome to the new Google Maps and Mapquest Blog, the name of this blog is self explanatory, it's obvious that here we discuss everything related to Google Maps and MapQuest the two biggest names in the online mapping world. Here you will find the best tutorials that will help you understand how these two web mapping sites really work, you will learn how you can use them for your own benefit and how to get the most out of them, even though we don't like to compare sites here you will be able to find detailed comparisons between the two best web mapping services in the world. If you want to find the best and latest articles, news, and general information about Google Maps and Mapquest.com then this is the blog that you have to visit every single day, so please if you just found this blog bookmark it because if you don't there is a slight chance that you don't ever find it again.