Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Driving Directions

Getting driving directions is quite easy nowadays, all you need is an advanced state of the art technological device that allows you to access the Internet and browse it, after you have gathered the necessary equipment you are good to go and ready to hit the road. I imagine you already have everything you need because in order to be able to read this you must have a computer or a mobile device and access to the Internet, if you have a desktop computer that's good because you can print directions or you can send them to your phone, if you have a mobile phone or any other type of portable gadget then that's even better because you can get Google Mapquest driving directions on the go for free.

There are two ways to get driving directions from Google Maps or Mapquest through a mobile device, the first option is to type the URL of one of these sites on your mobile's web browser you can go to maps.google.com or Mapquest.com or you can find them using your favorite search engine all you have to do is type "Mapquest" or "Google Maps" on the search box. The second option is to download an app, both services offer great free apps that offer unique features and tools, some of these features include voice guided turn by turn driving directions and offline reliability, offline rerouting and data is something that only Google Maps offers, on the other hand Mapquest has the only app that offers Skyhook Technology.

Learn How to Get Driving Directions From Google, Mapquest and many more through our easy step by step tutorials which are also free by the way, after reading what's written on this blog you will never have problems again when you are trying to find an address or a location where you have never been to before, you will never get lost again, you will be able to save a lot of time and also a lot of money. Stop wasting money on expensive GPS stuff instead get a mobile phone if you don't have one and download the free mobile apps that these services offer.

There are other sites that offer good driving directions and interesting mobile solutions like Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps, Tomtom, Via Michelin, Rand McNally, etc. All the online mapping sites I've just mentioned are great and have very interesting features as well, for example the famous IQ routes offered by Tomtom have made a lot of drivers happy. If I were you I'd visit all the sites that offer driving directions and I would create routes with all of them to see which one is the best for you. I did this exercise already, Google Maps and Mapquest gave me the best results, so I choose Google Mapquest driving directions as my first option.

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