Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alternatives to Google Mapquest Driving Directions

Recently someone asked me if there were any other good, reliable alternatives to Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing, and Mapquest to get driving directions. The question actually caught my attention really quick, I thought it was a really interesting question and it made me realize that sometimes I make the mistake of only focusing on the Google Maps and Mapquest driving directions subject, I have also noticed that some web masters and bloggers that write about this topic make the same mistake that I have been making for years. So from now on and to show everyone that it's never too late to make things right, me and the rest of the editorial team of this blog will focus on doing research about the other great free mapping softwares on the web in order to help our readers find other alternatives, other tools, and other cool features that Google Maps and Mapquest may or may not have, who knows? And really, who cares? The important thing is that everyone is aware of what they can get and expect from the other popular online mapping services and driving directions providers.

Are There Any Good Alternatives to Google Yahoo Bing and Mapquest?

Yes, there are other good alternatives that also offer interactive maps and driving directions, one of my favorite alternatives is the AAA, this service will not only help you find a quicker route, it also offers updated traffic info, construction work that's causing delays and weather information that might or might not turn out to be a problem. Another great alternative to Google Mapquest and Yahoo Maps for the USA is the old time veteran Rand McNally which is considered by many the Grandaddy of all the online mapping softwares that are now available on the market, Rand offers point to point directions, and even truck driving directions that can help truck drivers get their job done in a more efficient way, McNally provides the best truck driving routes, thanks to them truck drivers get to save a lot of money and also a lot of time.

If you are in Europe and you need an alternative to G Maps and Mapquest there, then you should definitely take a look at Via Michelin and Mappy, these sites just like the othe good online mapping softwares have features and tools very similar to the ones provided by Google Maps,
Map quest, and Rand McNally the only difference is that these sites focus on Europe and the European share of internet users. All of these sites are very user friendly and smooth, they all have cool features and a great looking interface, and using them won't cost you a dime.